class sunraster.SpectrogramCube(data, wcs, extra_coords=None, unit=None, uncertainty=None, meta=None, mask=None, instrument_axes=None, copy=False, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: ndcube.ndcube.NDCube, sunraster.spectrogram.SpectrogramABC

Class representing a sit-and-stare or single raster of slit spectrogram data.

Must be described by a single WCS.

  • data (numpy.ndarray) – The array holding the actual data in this object.

  • wcs (ndcube.wcs.wcs.WCS) – The WCS object containing the axes’ information

  • extra_coords (iterable of tuple, each with three entries, optional) – (str, int, astropy.units.quantity or array-like) Gives the name, axis of data, and values of coordinates of a data axis not included in the WCS object.

  • unit (astropy.unit.Unit or str, optional) – Unit for the dataset. Strings that can be converted to a Unit are allowed.

  • meta (dict-like object, optional) – Additional meta information about the dataset.

  • uncertainty (any type, optional) – Uncertainty in the dataset. Should have an attribute uncertainty_type that defines what kind of uncertainty is stored, for example “std” for standard deviation or “var” for variance. A metaclass defining such an interface is NDUncertainty - but isn’t mandatory. If the uncertainty has no such attribute the uncertainty is stored as UnknownUncertainty. Defaults to None.

  • mask (any type, optional) – Mask for the dataset. Masks should follow the numpy convention that valid data points are marked by False and invalid ones with True. Defaults to None.

  • copy (bool, optional) – Indicates whether to save the arguments as copy. True copies every attribute before saving it while False tries to save every parameter as reference. Note however that it is not always possible to save the input as reference. Default is False.