Contributing to sunraster

We are always enthusiastic to welcome new users and developers who want to enhance the sunraster. You can contribute in several ways, from providing feedback, reporting bugs, contributing code, and reviewing pull requests. There is a role for almost any level of engagement.

Providing Feedback

We could always use more voices and opinions in the discussions about sunraster and its development from both users and developers. There are a number of ways to make your voice heard. Whether it be constructive criticism, inquiries about current or future capabilities, or flattering praise, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us on the SunPy matrix channel or SunPy mailing lists. See Getting Help.

Reporting Bugs

If you run into unexpected behavior or a bug please report it. All bugs are raised and stored on our issue tracker. If you are not sure if your problem is a bug, a deficiency in functionality, or something else, send us a message on the SunPy chat room or an email to the developer mailing list. Ideally, we would like a short code example so we can run into the bug on our own machines. See Getting Help.

Contributing Code

If you would like to contribute code, it is strongly recommended that you first discuss your aims with the sunraster community. We strive to be an open and welcoming community for developers of all experience levels. Discussing your ideas before you start can give you new insights that will make your development easier, lead to a better end product, and reduce the chances of your work being regetfully rejected because of an issue you weren’t aware of, e.g. the functionality already exists elsewhere. See Getting Help to contact the sunraster community.

The development of sunraster is done using git version control software and GitHub, a website that allows you to upload, update, and share code repositories (repos). If you are new to git or GitHub you can learn more from the following guides:

As a sunpy-affiliated package, sunraster is developed with the knowledge and support of the SunPy development team and in accordance with the SunPy development practices. A comprehensive guide for contributing to SunPy can be found in the SunPy Developer’s Guide and has sections suitable for newcomers and seasoned developers. To learn how to contribute code to sunraster see the Contributing Code to SunPy section of the guide and the references therein. The principles outlined there are the same as sunraster except that you will have have to replace sunpy (or astropy if reading the AstroPy guide – also recommended) with sunraster in the commands and replace the url of the SunPy Github repo with that for the sunraster GitHub repository.